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The company specializes in certified diamonds, pearls, precious & semi-precious stones, 18k gold, 21k gold, 22k gold. Customized handcrafted jewellery. Amir Jewellers pride in bringing innovative concepts in jewellery and consistently endeavours to keep up with the latest trends around the world. Today Amir Jewellers is associated with fine jewellery and personalized service that epitomize trust. It has established itself over the last 20 years. Amir jewellers embodies the soul of the contemporary woman.


نحن مجوهرات امير نسعى دوماً لإرضاء عملائنا حيث الأناقة والجمال والروعة بالمجوهرات وأحدث الموديلات الراقية والاسعار المنافسة وجودة المنتجات الاصلية.

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